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Silver Coast Vineyards

Wine Tasting

Wine growing and wine production in this region are traditions that go back several centuries and many of the brands are increasing popularity and bringing home quality medals. 

Quinta do Sanguinhal near Bombarral is a wonderful place to visit and only twenty minutes from Silver Coast Residence. The vineyards cover an area of ninety-five hectares on three estates. Twenty hectares are planted with white varieties and seventy-five hectares with red varieties. This is the home of the regions two most popular wines, Cerejeiras and Quinta de San Francisco. 

The programme includes:

·             A visit to the 19th century gardens as well as a visit the Quinta do Sanguinhal;

·             A visit to the ancient distillery, where the spirits and fortified wines used to be produced;

·             A visit to the old cellar equipped with wooden presses that dates back to 1871;

·             A visit to the ageing basement that houses 36 barrels.

Quinta dos Loridos /  Buddha Eden 

The Quinta dates from the 16th century. It is one of the best-known producers of sparkling wine in Portugal. The manor house, whose beautiful inner yard, gardens and cellars make it one of the most important places in the region. The owner, decided to recreate in Loridos the great Bamyan Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  From Buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and the various carefully-placed sculptures which can be found throughout the gardens, it is estimated that some six thousand tons of marble and granite were used to create this monumental work of art.

     General information:
Rota da Vinha e do Vinho do Oeste-Estremadura    
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Quinta das Cerejeiras / Quinta do Sanguinhal       
Apartado 5
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tel.: 262 609 190  

Adega Cooperativa do Cadaval
2550-121 Cadaval
tel.: 262 696 137

Quinta dos Loridos
Bacalhoa - Vinhos de Portugal
2540-420 Carvalhal BBR
tel.: 262 605 240