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Property Rules, Regulations, Health & Safety Policy

Your safety whilst on holiday is our prime concern and by following these straightforward guidelines you can prevent accidents and ill-health.

1.     SMOKING. Is not permitted inside the property. It would be appreciated if smokers would only smoke outside the property.

2.     SWIMMING-POOL – In general private and shared pools in villas and condominiums in Portugal are not always security-protected.  Please ensure that all your party are aware of the following guidelines as soon as possible after your arrival. 

  • Children should not be left unsupervised and adults should supervise closely all activities in the vicinity of the pool.
  • Never mix swimming and alcohol.
  • Never use glasses around the pool – use plastic glasses where provided.
  • Never permit diving into the pool.
  • Never interfere with the pool equipment.
  • All users should shower before entering the pool.
  • To maintain a high level of hygiene, young children and babies should wear swimming nappies if required
  • If your pool is heated, please keep the cover on when the pool is not in use otherwise you will not enjoy warm water.
  • The pool cover is best removed and put on by two people.  Please roll onto the roller uncreased to prevent it from tearing as pool covers are expensive.
  • There is a net provided for your use. Please use this to remove leaves etc to ensure the water remains clean & and in good condition for your enjoyment.

3.     BEACHES - During the summer months the main beaches in the region have lifeguards. Families with young children are recommended to stay in the within easy line of sight of the lifeguards.

4.     WET SURFACES – please remember that tiled surfaces (inside or out) can be slippery when wet. Please ensure that all your party are aware of this and prevent any running around the pool area or terraces in wet weather especially where there are steps.

5.     SUN – . On the Atlantic coast there is often a breeze which misleads people into thinking that the sun is less strong than it is. Acclimatise yourselves gradually, avoid being in the sun between noon and three o’clock in the afternoon, use a hat and sun-screen. 

6.     WATER: Tap water is perfectly safe to drink however if you feel that this may not suit you, all supermarkets stock bottled water at a very reasonable price.

7.     FOOD – in warmer climates, it is more important to keep food at the right temperature. Please ensure raw and cooked meats etc are packed correctly and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

8.     FIRE SAFETY – All properties are equipped with fire-fighting equipment for small emergencies.   In the event of a small fire, and only if you deem it to be safe, please use the equipment provided.  In the event that your first attempt to extinguish a fire is not successful, evacuate the property immediately but calmly, ensuring all of your family/party are accounted for outside, then contact the emergency services on 112.  Do not re-enter the property under any circumstances.

9.     WASTE WATER – Please DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper down any of the toilets. If a blockage occurs and it is found that any such products have been flushed and block the drainage system, you could be liable for all costs of unblocking and or repairs.